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Monday August 29th @ 10:00 A.M.
Wine & Cigar LOUNGE”
901 Highway 315
, PA 18640
Includes, 16,200 Sq Ft Facility w/Large Deck,
.83 Acres, with Paved Parking Areas.

 Real Estate Includes, 16,200 Sq Ft Facility with Large Deck, .83 Acres, with Paved Parking Areas.

Real Estate: .85 Acres with Improvements. Luzerne County Deed Book 3008, Page 22693, Plate Number 36-23-3, Pin# 36-F12S7-001-004-000. (Billboard Lease not Included in sale)

Liquor License, Luzerne County, PA Liq. Lic.   LID#58785. R-21231















Equipment, ART & Fixtures Include:    

ˇ         Walk in Cooler 10’ x 9’, Combination Freezer 10’ x 9’, CCI

ˇ         Ice Maker, Manitowoc SD 1002A, 1060 Dice sized cubes, Bin 990# Cap.

ˇ         Upright Reach in Refrigerator/Merchandiser, True GDM 47.

ˇ         S/S Three Bay Sink

ˇ         S/S Sink 24” x 24”, S/S Legs

ˇ         Heated Buffet Line, w/Illuminated Sneeze Guard. Drop-in APW

ˇ         SHFWEZ3/208/240, 1 Phase (2), Mobile

ˇ         S/S 3 Bay Sink, Drain Board, Left & Right

ˇ         S/S Shelves, Wall Mt. 5’ (2)

ˇ         Dishwasher, Jackson AJ 44CGP w/ Soil & Rinse Tables, Waste Disposer,

ˇ         T & S Spray

ˇ         Reel with T & S Sprayer

ˇ         Updraft Hood, 4’ x 4’

ˇ         S/S Shelf, Wall Mt., 9’

ˇ         Fire Extinguisher, BK

ˇ         18” x 26” Aluminum Bunn Pan Rack (4)

ˇ         Metro Shelving 48” x 18”

ˇ         S/S Work Table 5’ x 30” w/ Splash Back

ˇ         S/S Work Tables 8’ x 24”, 6’ x 24”, 10’ x 24” (3)

ˇ         All S/S Work Table 6’ x 30”

ˇ         Erecta Shelving, Coated, 5’ x2’ , 3Tier (3)

ˇ         Erecta Shelving, Coated, 3’ x 2’, 3Tier

ˇ         Erecta Shelving, Coated, 4’ x 2’, 3Tier (4)

ˇ         Erecta Shelving Coated, 4’ x 18” 4 Tier

ˇ         Oak Back Aisle Bar

ˇ         S/S 3 Compartment Underbar Sink, Drain Board Left & Right

ˇ         S/S Lacrosse Cocktail Stations 24” (1)

ˇ         S/S Sink GNF 16”

ˇ         S/S One Compartment Sink 16”

ˇ         Bar, Corian Topp 7’ x 28’ x 9’ +-

ˇ         Bar Stools, Wood, Red Swirl Design Upholstered Bottom

ˇ         Folding Screens, White, (2)

ˇ         Maitre de Station, Ornate

ˇ         Patio Tables, High Quality(HQ) Metal (1)

ˇ         Wood Serving Cart

ˇ         Wooden Podium

ˇ         Metal Coat Rack, Free Standing

ˇ         Carvin Wall Mounted Speakers, Large (6) Small (3)

ˇ         Conference Room Table, from Italy, Versaci, (STA)

ˇ         Table, Round 5’, Wood, Pedestal Base, Unique Versaci,(STA)

ˇ         Leather Lounge Chairs (6)

ˇ         Chandelier, 12 Lamp, 9 Lamp 92), 6 lamp

ˇ         Painting, Oil, “ Versaci”, Approx. 4’ x 6’, Portrait of a Lady’s Back, (STA)

ˇ         Painting, Oil, Approx. 3’ x 5’ Grotto Scene

ˇ         Painting, Oil, Approx. 4’ x 6’, Scene of Venice Italy, Gondolas

ˇ         Painting, Oil, Approx. 4’ x 4’, Scene of Venice (Lobsco)

ˇ         Painting, Oil, Approx. 3.5’ x 3.5’, Scene of bridge in Italy (Fukanaga)

ˇ         Painting, Oil, Approx. 4’ x 4’, Bottles of Vino, (Samuel)

ˇ         Painting, Oil, Approx. 4’ x 4’, Scene of a Vineyard/Bottle of Vino

ˇ         Painting Approx. 3’ x 4’, Portrait of Violin Players (Gevozy)

ˇ         Hand Truck

ˇ         Cart For Dishwasher Glass Racks

ˇ         Clothes Rack, Metro Style 36” (2)

ˇ         18” x 26” Aluminum Bunn Pan Rack (3)

ˇ         Metro Shelving 48” x 18”

ˇ         S/S Sink 24” x 24”, S/S Legs

ˇ         Gino Rossi Coffee Grinder RR45, Mobile

ˇ         S/S Hood, 10’, w/Splash Back

ˇ         S/S Hand Sink, GNF

ˇ         Erecta Shelvings 6’ 2Tier (4)

ˇ         Steel Pots, Roasting Pans, Asst.

ˇ         Hot Food Lamp

ˇ         S/S Work Table 8’

ˇ         Maple Top Baker’s Table 8’

ˇ         Condiment Bins, White, Mobile (3)

ˇ         Lockers, Vertical, 8 Compartment

ˇ         Cocktail Station 24” (3)

ˇ         S/S Hand Sink, GNF

ˇ         Pedestals For Patio Umbrella (1)

ˇ         Chair, Wrought Iron (2)

ˇ         Corian Bar

ˇ         Lights, Colonial, Hanging (2)

ˇ         Micro’s P.O.S. System, Screens (3)

ˇ         Back Bar Refrig./Merchandiser, True TBB-24-48 S-G (2)

ˇ         Back Bar Refrig./Merchandiser, True TBB-24-72 S-G

ˇ         S/S 3 Compartment Under Bar Sink (2)

ˇ         Bar Blenders (1)

ˇ         S/S Cocktail Stations 24” (4)

ˇ         S/S Sink 16” & 24” (2)

ˇ         Back Bar, Aisle, Oak

ˇ         Shelf, Black 30”, 4 Tier

ˇ         S/S Hand Sink, GNF

ˇ         S/S 2 Bay Sink

ˇ         Erecta Shelving 36”, 4 Tier

ˇ         T & S Spray, Wall Mount

ˇ         S/S Hood, Craft Metal, 12’ + 12’, R.A.

ˇ         Fire Suppression System, KSS Protex 11 L-6000

ˇ         Erecta Shelving, Over Shelf, Fl. Mod. 6’, 3 Tier

ˇ         Pot Rack 4’, Wall Mt. 2 Tier

ˇ         Hot Food Lamps Hanging (13)

ˇ         Corian counter 35’ +-

ˇ         Poly Shelving for waitress fron Side #187

ˇ         S/S Hand Sink GNF

ˇ         S/S Iced Tea Dispenser, Bunn

ˇ         S/S Iced Tea Disp.

ˇ         Coffee Maker, Bunn VIP17-3

ˇ         P.O.S. Monitor (2) Printer

ˇ         APW HDDi, Food Warmer

ˇ         S/S Hand Sink GNF

ˇ         China, Homer Laughlin, Lexington

ˇ         Flatware

ˇ         Cooking Utensils

ˇ         Pots & Pans

ˇ         Glassware

ˇ         Desk, Computer w/Shelving (5) (All Office Desks Matching)

ˇ         Paper Shredder, Init NT-PS11CC

ˇ         Drop Safe, Amsec ESL 10, 2 Door

ˇ         Wood File Cabinet 2 Drawer, Half Size (2)

ˇ         Printer Stand, Wooden

ˇ         Kenwood Stereo w/ Speaker & 3 CD Tape

ˇ         Drapes at Entrance

ˇ         Pedestals , Round at Entrance (1)

ˇ         Wine Room Racks, Temp Controller

ˇ         Cigar Room Racks, Humidifier

ˇ         Tray Stands Wood, (8)

ˇ         And More


Terms of Sale:

Real Estate: Subject to Approval. Terms: $50,000 Non-Refundable Deposit by the successful Bidder. The Balance due upon closing within 45 days, Time being of the Essence.  Real Estate sale subject to clear title but not financing.

Liquor License: Twenty Percent (20%) nonrefundable deposit by successful bidder, balance due upon approval of the PLCB, but the deposit is non-refundable unless the non-approval by the PLCB is due to the part of the Seller, not the Buyer. Their shall be  no other contingencies.

All Equipment, Fixtures, Furniture Art and Décor. To be sold Piece by Piece. Payment in full the day of sale.


Auctioneer’s Note: This is a stunning facility. In past years it was formally the legendary Mayfair Supper Club, in which known celebrities frequented. In 2007 a complete renovation took place. Two Kitchens Three bars, Cigar & Wine Lounge, Large Deck and Art being displayed created an exquisite facility. Again celebrities frequented the facility. The Restaurant has ceased operation. This building is in a terrific location, just of Interstate 81, and has a variety of purposes. This is the time, for someone to invest into their future


REMOVAL TIME: Day of Sale and w/in Two days after by Appointment Bring proper tools Equipment & Personnel for Removal.

DISCLAIMER: All information in this brochure was derived from reliable sources, believed to be correct, but not guaranteed! Bidders shall rely entirely on their own information, judgment & inspection. All announcements from the Auction Block will take precedence over any previously printed matter or oral statements made! NO warranties expressed or implied. This brochure is only a guide. Inventory May vary. Everything sold “As is & Where is”.


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